Painting Sold 2016

Win Did 24"x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

"Win Did" is a play on the word "windy" and the front layer with abstract figures has a blowing in the wind effect. The second layer of the painting is the background with a combination of control and a lack of control when blending paint for a random outcome. My goal for the background with the help of my artists eyes is to create an industrial feel. The foreground is created using random sketches put together on the computer to create a design that is kid like and not so much influenced by social norms learned over the years. In that way the front and back layers blend together the kid-like and industrial feel into the painting. The cactus adds to the rigid, sculpture feel of the background. I am inspired by the vibrant color and simplistic no barriers feeling of Jean-Michel Basquiat and also by the Christian influence of Howard Finster. This piece has a similar background to the background on my painting "Validation" on the bottom left area within the two circles: View "Validation"on my website