About Us

Mark S Kovacs was born in Buffalo, NY, moved to Columbia, SC in 1973, and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurial Management.

He became truly interested in art in college, thanks to friends who majored in art, and decided to follow their lead. Mark started painting ‘cool art’ and quickly became a competitive artist. He entered the SC State Fair in 1994 in the mixed media category and won third place in the amateur competition.

At the Piedmont Park Arts Festival in Atlanta, GA in 1994, Mark sold a lot of art, including the image below, "Fish Love". In 2000, he was selected as one of the artists to paint a Palmetto Tree in Columbia, SC.

In 2013, Mark was selected to exhibit at ArtFields® 2013 in Lake City, SC as well as ArtFields® 2014, ArtFields® 2015 and ArtFields® 2016.

Mark was always an art fan and wanted to become an art collector but didn’t have the resources. This is the inspiration that he need to become his own artist. Over the years, he developed a strong connection to the art world. Mark likes everything about becoming an artist, from the business side to learning about other artists. His passion for art is portrayed within his body of work and in the way he lives the Artistlife.

Mark’s goal as an artist is to be validated by his collectors and fans. He hopes each piece of his art has a special value to its owner.